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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Attorney-Client Privilege - Is it The Same With Your Psychic?

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

November, and we have made it! It is now Pagan winter and the witchy season is over and done with. Frankly the last three months were enough for this witch and I look forward to a peaceful, relaxing and happiness infused winter season, filled with the truest of friends, family and the making of magickal memories. For we never know how long or short a time we have with one another, so let us remember to cherish each precious moment.

I think today's topic is an interesting one and it comes from a recent client for whom I did a tarot card reading for. During our reading she kind of jokingly commented that the things I was seeing were covered like "attorney-client confidentiality", I think most especially as we know each other outside of Enchantments, and she was in her way looking to be assured that what I saw would not be talked about outside of the tarot room except between her and I. I assured her it was, indeed.

Yet, as a squirrel gathers nuts this time of the year, I store concepts to write about, so here I am! What a good concept, I thought! It made me wonder what people actually know about that age old concept of "privilege" or what most would call today "Client Confidentiality" in regards to their attorney or doctor  Yet, be aware, besides attorneys, doctors and some members of the clergy this practice is not protected by law with everyone in every profession.

So, no, your psychic, medium, fortune teller, tarot reader or palm reader is not protected by law not to reveal your inner dark, deep secrets, truthfully many of what they could tell would most likely not be taken very seriously by many anyways. So many today still find what we do to be entertainment, or even fraudulent. Many find it to be a game or not very serious. Yet, you take it seriously,  as you should take your psychic reader seriously, so choose your reader carefully. A good reader will not reveal your reading or what you discussed with anyone. And even for training purposes, as in running a school as I do, the specifics are kept hidden and just the basics are presented which will help the students learn. Names are never divulged.

Yet it is interesting that, for an example, what is now vaguely called client confidentiality, is actually officially called attorney-client privilege,  an attorney is not even allowed to share your communication with him/her with anyone! Not a single person without your express consent, not their office staff, never a spouse or significant other, not even their personal assistant, no matter how they try to finagle their way around attorney-client privilege, which ensures your communication is kept private. Apparently all you need is to be a client and to have the communication on their business email or to speak to in person or a handwritten piece of correspondence and it is covered!

 Of course any attorney who violates this is subject to sanctions and all sorts of nasty repercussions from their state Bar Association, and the same holds true for the doctor you may be sharing your medical information with, as well as a member of the clergy as long as they are a member that has a governing board that can impose penalties and sanctions for violations.  That's right, your doctor, with the HEPA laws, can't even discuss your medical issues with their staff. The catch is there is only one person in all of the above situations who can waive privilege and that is .   .  .  you! The client.

This legal precedent was reestablished in a federal court again just recently. In 2013 a New Mexico court recently reaffirmed the attorney-client privilege as well as a number of cases more recently in the state of Connecticut, which of course your attorney would be aware of. Your doctor is very aware of the HEPA laws as we sign several legal papers concerning such yearly.  Even your therapist is held to these rules. But whereas your psychic can be considered a therapist make sure yours is not a gossip.

So, if you have not been asked to waive privilege, or on the other hand if you have written to your doctor or attorney expressly that you do not give consent to waive privilege, hmmmmm, well then you may have all sorts of legal recourse should you be so inclined. But then again, it is up to you as to how far you would wish to go. But it is also good to know it is only the most unethical, and untrustworthy of the profession that would even think of doing such a thing, so hopefully you would never run into someone who would be so dishonorable.

So, no as the Pagan world is concerned we may have Priests and Priestesses but we are self governing and have no established central governing board and never will, so if someone were to violate your confidence it is a lesson learned and hopefully not too hard a lesson, in trust. For we will never have an established board or association in place which is there to regulate and enforce rules to keep people's privacy and confidential communication confidential. So, like so many other areas of the witch's life it is up to you to closely scrutinize those you share your magickal self with, not just your psychic reader, but also other magickal friends and acquaintances.

So by using your common sense, feel out your psychic medium, or reader or intuitive and get a feel for how they work with you. If you feel they are respectful and can keep your confidence then you can develop a deeper relationship, that over time will grow and become more effective and more beneficial for you. Honestly the first reading you get is never more than in introduction to how you and the reader interact. Do you like each other? Do you like how the reader seems to work? Does she seem to pick up on your energies and tell you things that make it worth you time and money? Would you be willing to come back?

I find it helpful to have no attachment to my clients at all, when it comes to their readings. When I do feel an attachment, and I start to care how their reading will come out it becomes less of a dynamic reading and do not make the mistake of interpreting a perceived lack of warm friendliness with a lack of respect. I have run into this when a client who has never met me think that I am mad at them or that I do not like them simply because I am in a "trance" like state readying myself to read their cards as well as keeping a distance as I do not want to get all close and warm and fuzzy friendly as I need to keep a distance so that I can read the energies correctly.

After I read a clients cards and runes I tell them to make sure to write down all of the things I tell them as I will not remember their reading shortly after they leave. It is their "stuff" and I don't care to keep it in my head, nor would they want me to.

If you find your psychic is not keeping your confidence, stop going to them immediately. Even if they do not divulge your psychic information, telling others that you came to them. Perhaps you are well known in your community, perhaps you are a minor or major celebrity. Your time with your psychic is private between you and the psychic unless, YOU and only you choose to waive that right by telling others or if you bring someone in to the reading with you.

People often ask if others can sit in on the reading, or if they can record the reading and I tell them, it is totally up to them. It is their choice, not mine. Your information of your past, present and future is yours only, not anyone's else's and a decent, honorable psychic just like a decent, honorable attorney or doctor or clergy person will, without question, keep your confidence.

If they do not, then it says a lot about them, no matter how they try to spin it. Now you know the truth and the reality about your privacy and it is inviolate.

I know, if you have ever had anyone violate your privacy, how terribly awful and what a violation it can be, but pick yourself up and let it be a lesson to never trust that specific person ever again. For if they will betray your trust once they will do so again. It speaks volumes of their character and their integrity and the lack of quality and honor they possess.

Many times you choose a psychic and will want to go to them again and again, so a trust and a relationship will develop. This is important. Once you have developed this relationship they will be able to help you more and more as they get to know you and your energies. This relationship can help you and stay with you for years and continue to benefit you a you continue to walk your path. A sincere psychic reader will not even record or take notes as your information is yours and allows yours to leave with you.

A couple of last thoughts, do not try to go cheap for a reader. Yes, at some fairs r special events you may get a special price like $20-25 but other than a quick 5-10 minute reading these inexpensive prices are just not realistic. When you got to a respectable, credible, experienced reader you can expect to pay from $40 on the lowest side to as high as $350 on the high side and the money usually depends on the length, anywhere from 15-60 minutes, the reader's experience, and for some if they have some celebrity they will be on the higher side, simply because they have so many people Ademanding heir time and it is usually how they make a living.

For goodness sake, when you do approach a reader, do not be gauche! Starting off the conversation of asking for a reading and standing there and trying to decide of you want to pay for a reading, to ask if the reader "is any good" , or "how accurate is your readings?" or even worse " is any of this stuff for real?" with a skeptical demeanor, is not only rude, insulting but as my age and having gone this route before I will simply decide not to do the person's reading. Because I am not in the business of trying to convince anyone or my abilities. Those who know me, know.

I hope this gives you some food for thought, and that your next visit to a psychic is a good experience!

Live, Laugh and Always Love! Ms. Faith

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Awarded As One of The Top 75 Witchcraft Blogs for 2017!!

Greetings My Witchy Readers!!

 My cauldron is bubbling over with excitement at the latest news!! I received notification this morning that my blog, The Life and Times of a Contemporary New England Witch has received an award and recognition as one of the top 75 witchcraft blogs of 2017!!!

This recognition comes from a website called which is a site dedicated to compiling the best of blogs and websites in one spot so you can go to their page and find all of the best of what you are looking for. With the proliferation of so many websites and blogs nowadays, and millions now flooding the Internet with everything from soup to nuts, it really is hard to find what you are looking for, let alone a decent blog that is all about your interests.   

What was extra nice about receiving this award was I did not even  know about this website or that I was in the running. They have a group of panelists who pick and choose the winners. I did not enter, as if in a contest, or submit my blogs information.

Now, I will be honest, as I am as skeptical as the next witch, when I received this email, with the pretty award, the first thing I did was Google the company and I saw that it is a legitimate website. I also do not mind competition as I feel everyone has something awesome to offer and I am not the "only witch in the circle" if you will, so here is the direct link to the feedspot. com witchcraft blog winners so you can see the best of the best for yourself!!  Be sure to check them out. I am going to!!  

What is so nice about the witchcraft community is that every single one of us is different, every single one of us is unique.  So my blog discussions may indeed offer you some knowledge and insight, as will others.

I will be back in just a day or two with another regular witchy discussion, this time discussing witch ethics! Yes, did you know ethics are part of our realm just as a doctors or attorney's realm, and we get deep into what is allowed and what is a no no!

Now for a couple of fun announcements:

Grand Master Joel Waldon is coming back to Enchantments discussing Philosophical Concepts and Mind Expanding Ideas!! 

Next Saturday, November 18th, 2017 Enchantments magickal studies class will be open to those who wish to come and participate in an open breakfast discussion with a wonderful, very good friend and mentor of mine, Grand Master Joel Waldron. He will be discussing philosophical concepts of how the universe works, how the energy of what we are, what we send out to the universe comes back to us, and how our very being interacts with others and the world around us!! It can be heavy, mind blowing and thought provoking stuff!!

You are welcome to come and participate. We will offer a nice selection of breakfast goodies to munch on and coffee and tea. There is no charge but a basket will be on the food table for donations to help off set the cost of the refreshments, but any donation is purely optional.

Enchantments is Rolling Out A New Product Line!!! The Sorceress and Enchantress Naughty and Nice line of personal spell products!! 

The Witches of Enchantments are working hard at developing a line of personal spell products for your use for both naughty and nice spell work. We already offer the Enchantress line of nice spell products with love, money, animal magick, and tranquility.  The new line is a bit more spicy.

It will be the Sorceress line, which is the naughty line, offering magickal properties called provocative titles such as "A Naughty Night Out",  "Keep Him/Her Away From Me!" , "Reverse the Curse", "Don't F@ck With Me!" , "Lady Justice Be Swift For Me", "A Circle Of Protection Surround Me" and "Karma Return to Thee" are just a sampling of the spell properties we are working on.

The items that will be for sale will be witch crafted, witch approved by the Witches of Enchantments, soaps, bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, bath herbal tea bag sachets, spell sprays and potions!  All of the magickal properties will be available in all of the products and ready for gift giving for the holidays as well as reasonably priced and beautifully packaged!

We also have the Llewellyn 2018 Witches Calendars, Witches Date book 2018, Witches Almanac and many awesome gift ideas from our hand blown glass witch balls from world renowned award winning glass blower White Elk from Colorado, a specialty line of incense hand rolled and crafted in a Buddhist monastery in Pondecherry India which is NOT hand dipped, as the hand dipped varieties commonly found contain up to 97% petroleum based solvents and have been proven to cause asthma, allergies and breathing complications.

We offer essential oils and magickal blends made especially by the Witches of Enchantments as well as a wall of very reasonably priced small packets of magickal herbs, many hard to find, as low as $3.00 a package. We also offer items for practitioners of Santeria, Voudon and Hoo Doo.  As well as one of the largest selections of tumbled stones, crystals and minerals which when you purchase one for $4.00 we package it in a small plastic bag along with the ticket with its name and magickal property so you will remember what it is when you get home. This is so helpful when more than one stone is purchased!

We are always available to specially make a potion or craft a specialty herbal spell mix for you while you wait if you know what you are trying to accomplish and we will help you by making something that will accomplish your magickal goal. Many stores will not do this for you.

We have sterling silver pentagrams, Celtic charms and pendants, as well as many other beautiful gift items. Just yesterday a customer gave us the nicest compliment when he said " I keep walking around and keep seeing more and more things that you have, I didn't see before!"

Our shop may not be the biggest, but we pack a lot of lovely supplies and fun gift items in a small space.

Our hours are Tuesday - Fridays 11 am until 5 pm and Saturdays 10 - 5 pm. Tarot readings $65 which include two tarot spreads, 3 questions of the witches runes and stone divination are available by walk in when Ms. Faith or Ms. Laurel are in house.

New!! Psychic Medium At Enchantments!! 

Enchantments is proud to present a wonderful, extremely talented psychic medium who will be able to talk to your loved ones who have passed over for you, Ms. Julia Smith. She will be making her debut at Enchantments on 2 Thursdays in December, the 7th and the 14th and will be in the shop from 11-4 pm.

You may walk in for your reading and the best part is a reading with this awesome medium is only $25, cash is preferred, but other methods are accepted, and with that you get appx 15 minutes. Come to Enchantments and speak to your loved ones who are always there, so close, and feel the comfort of knowing they can communicate with you through a psychic medium.

So much happening and such an exciting time of the year!! After a lot of stress, sadness, sickness and other yucky stuff this past year, it is such a relief to be able to end this year on such an incredible high note and to enter the new year with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart.

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Is a Halloween Costume Just A Costume? Or Could It Be More?

Samhain/Halloween Greetings all,

We are getting closer to the night of All Hallow's Eve, or Samhain for those who choose to celebrate the ancient Celtic Pagan holiday. For many this evening of spooky stories and scary movies also involves costumes which unlike the origins of Halloween are the most recent addition to the holiday.

Halloween costumes first started in the 20th century, and most likely developed or morphed from the scary faces carved into turnips that were carried along the dark pathways and roadways as the adults went from house to house from one Halloween party to another. Halloween and the festivities that came along with it, was first brought to American by the Irish, who immigrated to this country during the 1880's and in such large numbers that their cultural beliefs and trends soon started to affect those in their new country.

And why not? No matter who you were, what your cultural identity, in the 1880's, especially at night, there was little to do except read by candle light, or gas light for those with wealth. There existed no technology, no radio, no television, the only music was from orchestras or the occasional fiddle or piano if one had one in the home and could play. Many cultures told stories, as storytelling was an ancient past time that had been passed down for thousands of years in many cultures and was the basis of the Bible and it's stories.

So when the Irish brought the festivities of Halloween to America, they brought the ghost stories, the house parties with music and dancing, the bobbing for apples, the various methods of divination, games like pin the tale on the donkey, or two people, a male and a female trying to take a bite out of a hanging apple from a string at the same time, and other fun games.

After going from house to house, partaking of the fun and games, having some food and drink, people would leave holding a turnip hollowed out, with a scary face carved into the front, in the manner we carve Jack O'  Lanterns into pumpkins today. They would put a candle inside to light their way. The scary faces carved into the turnip was to scare away any evil demons that would be along the roadways after dark, and prevent them from following the revelers home. As it was a common belief that any evil spirits would be around after dark.

By the time the early 1900's came along the Halloween parties had developed to include Halloween costumes. These costumes had the same purpose, to keep scary evil demons from following the party goers home.  Yet today we know so much more about what we send out and it coming back to us.

We know more about the energies we send out and what we draw into our lives. So many people wonder and are right now wondering about why they have such unhappy, chaotic, misery in their lives and look to blame others when in fact it is simply themselves! What do you put out? What do you do to others? How do you treat others? How do you present yourself? Yes, even at a Halloween costume party!

Since Halloween/Samhain is the start of our New Year, there is yet another level we look at. It has been a tradition or belief for centuries that what you have around you at the beginning of the year is the energy you bring around you for the upcoming year. So on Halloween night, you would not want to dress yourself in a devil's costume or a creature that is evil or hateful say like a psychotic deranged nurse for instance, just as an example, or a Hannibal Lecter or a serial killer, you get my drift.

Nor would you dress as an ugly witch. We dress as pretty witches, and sexy Goddesses, because that is what we are! Super heroes, and beings greater than we are, because in some respects that is what we will bring into our lives. Seriously there is too much of that other stuff for real in our world, the gore, the dark, the evil, the hate, to dress up and envelop yourself in that persona is what you can bring into your life and surround yourself with not only for that night but for the upcoming year. Don't do it!

For centuries, traditions have existed in all cultures of superstitions and beliefs whereas things done that would affect the home, your life, the family an d the year ahead. The groom picking up the bride and carrying her across the threshold before they crossed over the doorway into their new home after they married would set the good luck for their entire marriage or so legend told them.

For many cultures the first person to walk in to the home after the first stroke of the clock of the new year would determine the good or bad fortune for the household for the coming year. For some cultures there would be a pudding (dessert) or a cake or bread where a trinket or special item was baked inside and the person who was either lucky enough or unlucky enough to get the serving that contained it would have a certain type of luck for the upcoming year e.g. a ring meant a happy marriage, if a button you would be single for the coming year, a thimble if a woman found it would be a spinster, a coin would mean riches for the coming year and so on depending on what you found. Hopefully no one accidentally swallowed the token!!

Almost like the fortune cookie concept of today in Chinese restaurants, people always want a quick, easy peek into their future, and to have a way to ensure that, by doing something, like toasting with champagne at new Year's Eve, or the old practice of handing out cigars and smoking them at the time of a celebratory event.

If you think about it, our culture is rife with ancient practices from many cultures we have adopted that we often take very seriously, for instance the birthday cake! How many of you would have a birthday cake without the required candles!!?? Wouldn't seem right without blowing out your candles on your special day. 

The same holds true with what I am describing with the Halloween costume, give it some thought. Choose a persona  you wish you could wear all year long! If you could who would you be, what would you look like? Would you really want that ax stuck in your head all year long, really? I didn't think so.

So maybe rather than choosing the costume first, choose the energy you desire then find the costume that will deliver that energy to you throughout the year. So choose the sexy kitten rather than the ugly, evil nurse, and you will be happier with your choice! Trust me, in the long run you'll be happier with your choice! Choose wisely! Happy Trick or Treating!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Protective Defensive Magicks For You and Your Loved Ones

'The Magic Circle' by John William Waterhouse c.1886

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

I am very often asked by many people, both by those who follow a magickal path and by those who do not,  for help on dealing with hateful, mean, harmful people, who affect their lives in ways that many times results in actual damage of a sort. Whether the damage is psychological, or emotional, it can be damage which results in a loss of a job, or a friendship (s), reputation, and many times deals with a person or people who for whatever reason have decided to target you.

I have heard of stories that deal with people from co-workers who wish to take another's job, position or credit for work done and receive promotions and financial reward in the job place, to people in the family system, especially when someone new is introduced into the family system and personalities clash, to when friends individuals or a group of friends bring in a new person and then again, personalities start to clash and troubles arise, causing all sorts of issues and problems. It is also very common for there to be problems with neighbors, whether longtime neighbors or new neighbors, but suddenly there is controversy and words are exchanged and then bad blood arises.

Often when situations like this arise it can be resolved by talking to the person, either agreeing to disagree and setting down some boundaries especially if you need to work or socialize with the person, but enter in the person who is mentally on the edge of instability. This is seen in the person who insists there is something in the relationship that isn't there. The person that violates your privacy in your work environment or your personal environment yet insists they have every right to do so and feels no guilt or remorse, feeling completely entitled. Some people with these potentially dangerous tendencies, and yes, these tendencies can flash over into possible dangerous behavior which is why we are discussing protective and defensive magickal measures.  These people are emotionally stuck in a childish place where they feel there needs and wants come before all others. It is a 'mine, mine, mine' mentality, with no maturity, no common sense and no respect for others and other relationships and others feelings are never taken into account.

Some people with these potentially dangerous tendencies are very adept at convincing others of your wrongs, at what you did to them, at how they have been wronged and they will try to bring as many people into their drama as possible, people that have nothing to do with any of it, just to bolster their delusions, to make themselves feel in the right, to give themselves credibility because they know deep inside they are truly in the wrong, but if enough people can be made to believe their nonsense, if they scream their victimization loudly enough, then somehow, someway they feel vindicated. These people are controlling, bullying and domineering and will simply refuse to give any quarter to anyone else. They believe they are completely right and everyone else that disagrees is wrong. They will try to make your life a living hell, and woes the poor bastard that finds themselves living or working in close quarters with this type of person. For once the mask slips, it can never be properly fitted back again. Once others have seen them for who they really are, the gig is up, as the old saying goes.

Remember, normal, sane, mentally stable people who simply do not like you will work with you, may be in your circle of acquaintances, may even be a part of your family, or extended family and they will simply leave you alone, or have little to do with you. To the normal, mentally healthy person, if they do not like someone they have nothing to do with that person or people, they would rather have nothing to do with them, or as little as possible. But the ones we need to worry about, the people who are the trouble makers are the ones who 'stir the cauldron' and continue to harass you, continue to poke at you, who keep contacting you, who keep reaching out to you, who keep making the comments, knowing it is getting to you. There are things, magickally that you can do, to protect yourself. To rid yourself of these pests, to clean your life of these hateful, nasty, sick individuals.

So, if you feel you are the victim of one of these people, and know that you may indeed feel as if you are the one going a bit crazy. That somehow they have caused you to lose your balance. You have not, the sociopath and many times this is what this personality type is, they are the one who enjoys doing this to you, and they are experts at doing this to you. Sick individuals enjoy hurting and tormenting others. But also realize you cannot do anything to change them, so please do not waste your time attempting this futile effort. All you can do is protect yourself and place defensive magicks between you and them. A wall of defensive magicks.

You do have magickal options. Firstly, if it is possible, smudge your area with desert sage. Please, please PLEASE DO NOT USE white garden sage, which has the big fuzzy leaves. Yes it is sold all over the United States and will do nothing to cleanse an area of harmful, negative energy. Which is why so many people have to smudge again and again and again. You must use the sage brush called desert sage from the Southwest of the United States, which does cost a bit more but it does work. This is key.

Now, many people say that in their workplace they are unable to smudge, or if you have sensitive smoke alarms or fire sprinklers, that is okay. You can get Florida water and wipe down all surfaces with it. Once at a recent fair, a lady commented that our Florida water was a bit pricey and she had bought some for a couple of dollars. I do not know what she bought, but sadly there are a lot of frauds out there. Florida water, when made properly takes about a month to make and a bottle will cost about $8-13.00 so make sure you are buying the correct stuff. If you are buying a bottle, even if it has the correct label and it is only costing you $3.00 retail, it has been emptied and refilled with water and maybe some fake scent. The exception is if it is purchased at such a large retailer that they can buy in bulk like a huge company like Walmart. But then it may have been sitting around for many, many months and if so, in different temperatures it may no longer have any magickal ability.

Now be mindful, these are NOT curses at all. I do not practice curses, and find them to be harmful to the witch, and not effective to the person they are sent towards. No, these spells are only to protect you from any malevolent energies being sent to you, and if there are none then any and all spell energy will fall harmlessly flat and be rendered mute. Yet, if there is malevolent harmful energies being directed at you then these spells will protect you, shielding you in a sphere of protection and the karmic feedback will return quickly and viciously back to the hateful one sending you their negative energies.

The next thing you can do, if you know the person who is causing you torment and you wish to be free of their hatred and jealousy, their evil intentions and their direct hurtful energies aimed at you. Lemons. Lemons have been used for centuries for cleansing, banishing and protecting. They cleanse parasites out of the body and home, they clean bacteria out and keep our bodies from sickness. You can keep the nasties from harming you and from settling around you, and affecting your happiness and energy sphere by boiling a pot of water, just a couple of cups of spring water, in which you have chopped up a half dozen bright yellow, ripe, beautiful lemons, rind and all.  As the water comes to a simmer, stir the pot counterclockwise, and now that we are in a digital age and many have never seen a clock with hands !!! you are stirring the pot towards the left, going widdershins. As you do so, see the steam rise up and imagine the steam making a wall of strong protective energy, between you and the negative one, the steam of the lemons banishing that hurtful person from your life.

As the steam and water boils imagine in your minds eye that person fading, fading, fading getting more and more translucent and becoming what they really are, nothing.  .  .  a person of no substance, no character, no love and light, as they fade from your life .  .   .   and if you are not able to wish them well then just allow them to fade away.  .  .  to be gone .  .  .  keep stirring, stirring, stirring.

An incantation for this lemon banishing wall of protection can be something like,

"As I stir this pot, allow this steam,
to fade away this philistine,
to make her vanish-banish-famish
gone from my life, my world, my realm,
be gone negative one, be gone trouble,
sit in your throne of karma
for only you to overwhelm
Be gone, be gone, be gone!"

Visualize your self surrounded by a beautiful lemon yellow cloud of steam, clean, beautiful, healthy, surrounding you. No one else. Your troublesome one has vanished, he or she no longer is in your life. And if they are, say you must work with them, give them no attention and no thought. Go about your work and your life as if they are a stranger which they now are. No anger, or negative energy, just neutral energy, neither good nor bad, just indifferent. That will keep karma from coming to you.

Oh and another thing. People have spoken to me about Karma. It is important to understand karma. If someone has betrayed you, lied to you, deceived you, dishonored you, or in some way disrespected you and you have responded with anger and even rage at their actions, behavior or words? I would not worry too much at the karmic feedback. We do not sit on a scale of balance where we are expected to be a Zen Master and always calm and chill and take every wrong dished out to us.

There are times when you must fight for the injustices and the wrongs that happen to you and in doing so you may say things that may be hurtful to others, but they must be weighed against what was done to you. When you have been betrayed, hurt and deceived and have responded with justified anger and rage, saying words fueled by pain and hurt, you have every right to fight back, and to tell those who have hurt you exactly what you feel about their actions.

Another spell that I call the rat trap spell, Hee hee. take a piece of paper. Write the name of the person tormenting you. And now remember, this is not just a person you do not like. So NO, you do not get to do this to the President of the United States or a Congressman because you do not like their politics, Please!! It does not work that way! That is a curse and it will only come back on you and will eventually take your magickal ability away from you. No, no, no! As I have said many times before we only do spells if we are being harmed by another, and whereas at one time in my life I had isolated that to physical harm, I now open it up to emotional, and mental as well as spiritual harm. When someone is causing you to lose sleep for nights, weeks or months at a time, if you are losing weight, and no ladies rapid weight loss over a short period of time (a few months) due to intense stress is not good) you find yourself crying every single day for weeks or months, then it is harm, mental and spiritual harm, then you need to step it up and see your doctor, or a therapist as well as do some magick for you.

For this rat trap spell, you write the name of the person. Their whole name as closely as you can. If they have a few names, middle, more than one last name, list them all. Write the word STOP. Put 3 or 6 or 9 rusty nails, small and sharp on the paper. Have a glass jar nearby with a top that can be screwed on or secured some how. Take a red string, or red thin cord. Now pour some glue onto the name and over the nails over the word STOP and the name of your tormentor. Then fold up the corners and make a pouch and tie the red string around the corners. Drop it into the glass jar. Secure the top. Take your index finger on your left hand, because we eliminate with our left and tap the top of the jar 9 times. Say "Be Gone STOP" and the person's name, 9 times.

Do this every single day for at least 9 days and better to do it for a full 28 days, a lunar month. You may burn a black candle next to the jar, and while you burn it, imagine  the person fading away. Soon if you forget to tap the jar one day, that is a good thing, the torment has left you. Put the jar away safely for several months to be sure that person will no longer target you and if and when you are sure after a year or more, that they have left your life, or left off tormenting you,  you can throw away the entire jar, never opening the jar again.

Another easy spell to do which will not harm anyone, because that is never the answer or the goal, but only to protect you and keep you from harm, is to freeze your tormentor. An old HooDoo spell, is to freeze a person who is speaking or trying to cause you harm with their words and actions. Hoodoo is an old traditional magickal system found in the South of the United States.  There are so many variations to be found on the freezing spell, some of the easier ones are:

Write the name of your tormentor on a slip of paper, twist it up and throw it in the freezer, just like that. Let them sit and freeze. But know, should you take them out someday, they will thaw out and they could decide to start in on you again if not enough time has passed. So be aware of the time.

Put their name on a slip of paper and place in a small jar or cup of water, the cup of water could have a bit of sugar, honey or syrup in it to make the person sweeter in regards to you if you wish.

You could also take an apple, and slice a slit like a mouth into the apple and place the slip of paper into the 'mouth' you created and place the apple and the paper in the mouth all into the freezer and leave it there.

All of these will work in freezing the persons harmful intentions towards you.

A last concept before we wrap up this discussion is the trusty mirror spell. I have recommended this to so very many people and this seems to work best with pesky neighbors or even better with empty houses or apartments next door to you that will soon be housed with new neighbors. Place a mirror on the outside of your house, but it CANNOT be broken!!! Or harmful energy will come back into your home. An unbroken mirror placed outside, against the foundation of your home, facing the house or apartment of the house where new neighbors will be moving in, or where you have difficult neighbors.

Clean the glass carefully, face it towards the neighbors property and leave it there. Try not to obstruct the view of the mirror if you can help it, and the way it works is the people that may have negative, harmful, unkind energies will look or glance at your property and any ill will will be reflected back towards them. The best part, if they look upon you with kindness and goodwill then that is what they will receive back. This spell seems to work best with keeping unwanted neighbors from moving in in the first place!!

These are a few ways of keeping those who are harmful and unkind from hurting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but if you truly feel you are in any immediate danger always, always call 911 first and foremost and let the police handle it. These magickal methods are used like we use magickal methods to aid us in healing and health spells, after we have seen a doctor and done the right things medically. NOT in lieu of.

I have been known to report stalkers and "emotionally disturbed persons" to my local police department, and I have recently, unfortunately had to deal with just such a person. Sadly this one was brought into my life by a trusted, dear friend, so you never know how they will enter your life, but once they have you need to rid your life of them quickly even if a friend needs to go with them. But you will not change the tormentor, you can only protect yourself and shield yourself, and move on with your life.

Our next discussion will discuss the concept of bringing in who and what you would like to be in the new year, our Pagan new year!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Contemporary New England Witch Is Back and Better than Ever!

Greetings My Witchy Reader,

Some of you may have noticed I took a month off from my writing to you and I am back. I needed some time to rest, reflect and come back from dealing with some negative, harmful people. I do not believe in curses, or that truly evil people exist but my most recent experiences have brought me the closest to changing my mind than I have come in my entire life. But I needed to step back and look at things from a distance to realize that some people, are simply, at their very core, mean, petty, cruel, childish, jealous and hateful. Adults who act like middle school bullies and who go out of their way to hurt others and then revel in the fall out and chaos they try to create.

So, rather than writing, I have spent time, magickally protecting myself and loved ones from the evil intentions of others, by using defensive magick, protective magicks, and I will tell you the secret, the strongest, protective magicks of all are just like everyone found out at the end of the Harry Potter series of books, is .  .  .  love.  Yes, the author did know what she was writing about, at least in that area of magick. Love can and will conquer all.

Even if you cannot see the results in this lifetime, or in your situation. The hardest thing to do is to get over the anger, the hurt (or at least try to put it aside) and you may have to dig very, very deep at times and try to find the forgiveness, not only for the other person, but for yourself, and then send out love. If there are any others who do not deserve your love and have just stirred the cauldron to cause hurt and pain, enjoying the misery they have caused, then what you do in that situation is to neutralize them.

Yes, that's right, neutralize them. Bring them, in your mind to a place, surrounded by  colorless mists. No actual color, or grey, or as colorless as you can make it. Then in your mind imagine them, a picture of them, simply fading out, and becoming transparent. With no substance. No energy, nothing. Neutral. Where they will eventually fade away into nothingness, in your life. Never imagine harm of any sort befalling them, as those who follow my writings and lessons understand that which we send out does indeed come back to us, and why would we send harm to return to us? That is as childish as the poisonous childish bully we are trying to neutralize in the first place. 

There will be no more anger, never hold a grudge, goodness that will keep them bound to you for eternity! Yikes! How horrid would that be!!?? Oh, and NEVER do a binding spell on them! So many people try to do that! You must be careful. You can of course bind their evil, wicked tongue and vicious slander, should that be the case. But never bind them. As they will only follow you throughout your lifetime and possibly beyond.

No, you want to work hard to eliminate any and all emotions concerning them, so do what you need to do. Write them a letter, an email. Send it. It does not matter if the person reads the note, that is not important. They may even throw away the letter or delete the email, the important thing is you sent it. You put it out into the universe. It is for you anyways, not for them. Most likely they won't get it, especially if they were the person who initiated the hurt and pain to begin with. Send them forgiveness, love and acceptance. Most likely it will twist their messed up brains simply because they are not capable of that level of evolved consciousness. And that is just an extra benefit! Giggle. Also if and when they see you sending them forgiveness and love and acceptance that will baffle them.

Yes seriously, sending out the love and light, blessings and acceptance of who they are. You do not have to be forgiving of what they did to you, just forgiving them of who they are, even of their dark ways. Knowing that many times, the darkness has consumed them, and it is beyond their ability to free themselves. That they are as miserable as you feel they must be, even if they do not seem to be. The vital thing for you though, is to get yourself out of the darkness they have tried to drag you down into with them and to bring yourself back into the light. You can do this by burning love candles, and wishing only loving energies to surround you. If you can imagine the person hurting you, then imagine loving energies surrounding them and that will return to you also, only love, and happiness and good things.

If you are still in a place of hurt, or fear, or trauma then do not think of them at all and only think of yourself. By burning a black candle on Saturdays, every Saturday with a short, simple incantation while holding your hands out towards the candle right after you light it, say aloud "As this candle burns so bright, my connection to (their name) is severed this night, as I will it, three times three, an' it harm none, So Mote it Be!" Imagine scissors snipping a cord between you and the other person, and it is done. Snip, snip.

No, you will not forget this person, but it will allow you to remember the good memories and allow the painful memories to pass into the mists of time. It will allow you to get on with your life and to move forward. It will allow you to severe the unhealthy connection that we at times find a long term relationship, be it a friendship, or a marriage, or a work relationship, or a family relationship, any of which may have gone bad, has developed into and none of these simply go away on their own. They must be severed specifically and with intent or things like grudges remain and hard feelings and pain and sadness and all sorts of karmic gunk.

Now, having said that, all you can do is severe it from your end. What happens on their end is not up to you and you have no responsibility nor do you have any expectations of doing anything to fix things for them. Let them deal with what they have created, as Karma will visit those who She has determined requires a visit. And She will. It is best that you stay far away from the work She has to do. It is not you or anything to do with you, but their own actions that will come back to them, so stay far away from it. That is the safest place to be. In reality and magickally, keep yourself far, far away.

Again, in conclusion I caution you as strongly as I can, never fall into the open cesspit of revenge and vengeance in your pain and desire for magickal payback. It will never work as you choose.  Now, feel free to write your feelings down, the hurt, the betrayal, the emotions all that you wish to express. You can even send it to them if you choose. It does not matter if they actually read your words, because you have no control over whether they open your letter or email, if they read the words, or discard or delete. It only matters that you got the emotions out, the poison out of you and sent it out into the universe. If they were meant to read your words, trust me, the universe has a way of making things that are meant to happen, happen.

Now for those of you paying particular attention, you will have noticed at the beginning of this discussion, I mentioned protective and defensive magicks. Yes .  .  .  yes I did! Well, yes there are other things that can be done to help protect you from the harmful energies directed at you and even physical actions, behaviors and vicious words, slander and gossip of people intent on causing you hurt and harm.

Aha I have your attention, well good. Then my next discussion I will have for you in a few days. I will discuss various ways and spells to protect yourself from specific individuals. Protective and defensive magicks. No, no, not curses, not at all. Never sending out harmful or destructive or evil intentions and never intending for anyone to be harmed in anyway. Only sending out, remember, what will come back to you and keeping others from harming you with their behavior, actions, words and lies. In the end, yes, many times their evil ways, through the magick of karma finds it ways back to them, but that is not you. That is the way karma works.

So, my magickal witchlings, it is so good to be back. I have missed writing for you and I hope most of you have stayed and have not left me. I needed time to regroup and get my magickal spark back and I have it. So I will be back soon with more magick and fun and witchy lore and legend from your Contemporary New England Witch!


Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

                                           From my ghost  10-22-2012

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Raven & Stephanie Grimassi Communing with the Ancestors 9-23-17

(Paradise Photography)

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

I have been crowing about this upcoming event but I know so many of us are so busy about so many things I did not want you to miss this exciting three-fold event! This coming Saturday, Enchantments, located at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT and Ms. Faith and the Witches of Enchantments has the honor and privilege of hosting Raven & Stephanie Grimassi who will conduct a workshop called "Communing with the Ancestors" and the details are as follows:

There is power passed through the Generations from those who came before us.  Join authors Raven & Stephanie Grimassi for a workshop exploring the nature of the ancestors and the realm in which they dwell.  The workshop focuses on our relationship with them and why the soul reincarnates in specific bloodlines.  Also explored is our threefold being in the Material World: elemental body, human mind, and soul being.  Attendees will be work with a special tool and concept known as the Spirit-Rider.

This event takes place at Enchantments, upstairs in the classroom of Enchantments, please get there before 3 pm, when the workshop starts  as the store downstairs will be closed and there will be no one to escort you upstairs after we start the workshop. It is easy to GPS our address, please do so. The Grimassi's book "Communing with the Ancestors" will also be available for sale before the workshop.  This workshop is being held from 3-5 p.m. and tickets must be purchased before the event at $35.00 ea. You may call Enchantments and purchase your ticket over the phone with a credit card.  Our number is 860-791-6033  Quick, quick like a bunny! Only a few tickets are left!! 

Right after the workshop, 

Mabon, Autumnal Equinox Sabbat Ritual Celebration. We will hold a small, short 30 minute ritual in the front gardens of Enchantments and cast a magick circle, and conduct a short Fall Equinox Sabbat Ritual to recognize this Holy-day (Holiday) on our Wheel of the Year, and anyone may participate. Everyone simply stands in the circle. Those who wish to raise the cone of power may dance around the circle, and those who do not may stand back. The entire ritual takes no more than 25-30 minutes.  We follow this with a pot luck feast, if you wish to attend, please bring a dish to share with others. Any food item is acceptable, it does not have to be vegan, or vegetarian, or gluten free but if you have any dietary requirements we ask you bring what you can consume. 

The only rule at enchantments is there is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the grounds of Enchantments in any capacity.  For this celebration as we are constructing a labyrinth in the back parking lot, please park in any of the adjacent parking lots around Enchantments. 

Lit Labyrinth Walk: 

Right after the ritual, some people choose to forgo the pot luck and start lighting the labyrinth bags that have been placed earlier in the day. Then as soon as people choose they may start to walk through the labyrinth, quietly and contemplatively, as by doing so the ancient design allows the mind to deconstruct issues, problems, puzzles one may be struggling with in ones own life and then later, hours, days even weeks later the answers and solutions come flooding in as the power of the labyrinth does it's job. 

The only cost for all of these events is the $35 ticket for the Grimassi's workshop and Enchantments is not charging anything for the Sabbat, potluck or labyrinth walk. 

We hope you will come, explore the Ancestors, celebrate the Sabbat, Feast, walk the Labyrinth and enjoy one of the last Sabbats we will be able to enjoy out of doors this year in Southern New England, with the Witches of Enchantments. 

Bright Blessings, Ms. Faith 

 I have included a biography for Raven & Stephanie with their kind permission: 

Biography for Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi


Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi are a well-established and popular teaching team in the ways of Old World Witchcraft and spiritual development.  

Raven is an award winning author of over twenty books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and Inner Mystery Traditions.  He is a practitioner and teacher with over 45 years of experience.  Raven has dedicated his life to the research, writing and preservation of the ancient Pre-Christian European ways of our ancestral roots.  He is the current co-directing elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition of witchery.

Stephanie is a practitioner of Witchcraft with over 25 years experience, and is a third degree Priestess of Irish Celtic Wicca, and Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft).   She is currently the co-directing Elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition along with Raven.   In addition, Stephanie is a long-experienced Astrologer, Tarot reader. She is also co-creator & co-author of two Oracles decks:  The Well Worn Path, and The Hidden Path.

In 2006, Raven and Stephanie formed the Ash, Birch and Willow system of Witchcraft, and together they co-direct and co-teach this Tradition through the House of Grimassi. In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on older forms of Witchcraft (with students around the globe) through the House of Grimassi  website and also  have an internet store, RavensLoft, which has been dedicated to providing items for spiritual and magical practice for over 17 years.  They have also relaunched their radio show Seasons of the Witch on BlogTalkRadio.

They are frequent return guest speakers and workshop presenters at conventions and festivals all across the United States. Raven is also a columnist for Witches and Pagan Magazine and has an archive of radio interviews across a wide spectrum of shows on House of Grimassi.

To find out more information please visit their websites https:// and and Facebook : House of Grimassi, Seasons of the Witch, Raven’s Loft Store for updates on appearances and relevant information on upcoming shows and sales.

© 2010-2017 Faith M. McCann. Portions of this blog posting may include materials from my book “Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts First Year Magickal Studies.” For more information, see or go to the title of tonight's discussion and click, it will link you to my school's website. Please note that the copying and/or further distribution of this work without express written permission is prohibited. If you know someone who would like my work, please send them this link. If you or they would like to receive the link to the most current weekly blog post send me an e mail with your email address. You will receive a new blog post weekly. If you ever wish to unsubscribe to this blog, please contact me and you will be immediately removed from our list.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Personal Pagan Perspective On Natural World Events

Photos of Hurricane Harvey from Nasa's Space Station September 2017

I am taking a bit of a step aside from discussing magickal spells and potions and tarot card readings to go all Pagan and Earth spirit in this discussion. The reason is we are deep into hurricane season and we have just dealt with a number of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean which have hit hard the Caribbean and the United States, and they are still coming.

We have seen and heard over the past decade or so, with severe storms like Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans as well as other storms, fundamentalist Christian ministers come out with outlandish statements that make ridiculous claims that these natural disasters are somehow God's punishment for man's wicked lifestyles. Lifestyles that particular minister happened to disagree with, we see these statements for what they are. Foolish nonsense that do not deserve any attention or credibility. We know these statements are ridiculous and foolish rantings. Of course God is not punishing anyone. It's called Nature. Mother Nature if you want to be polite!

I have read these statements in the past and have disregarded them as have others, not giving them much, if any attention. But, in this new day and age, of political unrest in our country, with the upsurge of fear and bigotry, intolerance and prideful hatred. With the wars in the Middle East and the rising potential of a world war becoming greater daily, with the suffering of humans, the starving, the dying, the homeless refugees wandering without a place to call home being broadcast into our living rooms nightly and people everywhere with the aid of social media finding themselves in a smaller world than ever before, I have seen something happen in relation to the natural disasters that are occurring this year.

I have been reading the words of Pagans, new age gurus, life coaches, inspirational speakers, motivational speakers and people without any true religious bent, some who may identify simply as spiritual, who are now speaking out and having long and involved discussions on how if only we loved each other more that these hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, the forest fires, mudslides, and other natural disasters would not happen!  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  (a moment of shocked silence while I let that sink in and allow you to really process what I just wrote)

Seriously?  Now, I am not at all speaking of the magickal masters that have been writing and being published and researching and practicing and living this lifestyle for decades. No, because as Pagans they get it. It seems to be newer Pagans that have adopted this lifestyle but have failed to truly understand what being Pagan is. A part of and being one with nature. There is no gentle way of putting it. Or maybe, there is no gentle way for me to put it, and those who know me, know that warm and fuzzy is not my usual forte. Get over yourselves!!! DO YOU REALLY think that by loving each other more, or that by being nicer to puppies or hugging more trees or picking up more trash (and I am all for all of these things, I really am) that any of these things will stop the forces of nature that are called Hurricanes, tornadoes, Tsunamis, earthquakes!!?? Yes, I even heard someone theorize that there would be less earthquakes if people only sent out more love and joy and happiness into the world!!

Understand that if you really think this, then you are so far removed from being Pagan that you do not even know what the word means!! I do not wish to be mean, no, that is not what I intend. But understand what the meaning of the term you use to identify yourself with. A Pagan is one who is a part of nature. As a creature of the natural world, a daughter of the Goddess, a Pagan daughter, I stand in awe of nature and I respect, fear and know exactly how powerless and helpless I am in the face of a natural disaster. How I can't do a damn thing to stop the plates of the earth's crust from shifting when it chooses to. How when the forces of a hurricane when it develops in the ocean and heads towards land, how love and joy and caring energies towards others will do nothing to stop it from it's ultimate path.

Yes, there might be magickal things I can do to keep me safer, and there are times I need to pack up and go, if told it is best to do so. But to blame the forces of nature on the political climate or the lack of love for one another or the increase of hatred and prejudice simply makes you look foolish and on the same page as the fundamentalists we all thought were so crazy just a few years ago. How is this thinking any different? It is not. It is just as crazy, outlandish and fantastical.

It also to put it bluntly, is a power trip for the person speaking about this, for them to tell others "just send out more love, do this, do that, and you will change the course of natural events. Really? The fact that people believe this nonsense, one, builds up the person and gives them a sense of superiority and two, makes one feel as if we really are the greatest force in the universe. Sadly, we are not. We aren't even second, or third, or even tenth!

There is nothing wrong with being a part of the matrix, the cosmos, the whole of nature. It is a childish perspective to think we can affect natural events by our very thoughts, it is also arrogant. If everyone who spouted this nonsense was really serious then they would never be caught riding in any form of petroleum fueled transportation, ever. Or would ever eat anything packaged and purchased from a market, ever. Or ever wear any clothing they didn't make themselves. But we do. On one hand these people want to talk as if they have the secrets to changing the course of natural disasters, now wouldn't that make them all sorts of special and important? But they are as helpless as the rest of us, and at the end of the day they as all of us are at the mercy of the universe and Mother Nature and we can be smart about it, we can honor Her, worship Her, respect and try to care for Her as best we can but to think we are greater than Her or stronger or bigger or more dominant is foolish.

If there is anything these natural disasters should teach us is we do have a place in the natural scheme of things, an important place, but we are not superior nor are we the lowest, but we are a part of and we should work with and respect our environment as I do believe we do and have affected the environment when it comes to climate change, and yes I do believe we have enough knowledge and nuclear weapons to destroy life as we know it on the planet. But can we destroy the Earth? No, after we have destroyed ourselves, a period of time will pass when the Earth will rest and then start to regenerate and new life will grow and develop.

You see there was life before humans, actually there was humanoid life before our species of humans. Intelligent hominid life before us, approximately 20 plus species of hominid species. These are human type species and they have just found another human species never before found just last year in the Russian Siberian area. These species were created by some force of nature, lived, existed, became extinct some for a million years of so before we came along, so to think we are all that and a bag of chips, well it just isn't necessarily so.  Like anything else in life, nothing is promised. Tomorrow what we have today may be gone.

I do believe the Earth will go on, but that is my belief. You may indeed believe differently and that is okay. But we have no guarantee.  I guess my point is, as a Pagan, I try to live in harmony with nature, not in spite of. To say, I can affect natural events by sending out human emotions is disregarding and completely missing the point. By comparing a hurricane with what is happening politically in our world is such a stretch as to be science fiction and causes one to lose all credibility.

There is so much in the Pagan world, both natural and political, to discuss, to rally behind to support. From clean drinking water, to cleaning our oceans of pollution, to climate change, to saving our rain forests and the eco-systems within them and around the world. To fighting for religious freedom for all religions, not just ours, for if one is threatened all are threatened, and nowadays to try and stop the backwards slide back into an era of intolerance, fear, hatred and bigotry. Oh yes, there is plenty for a feisty Pagan to fight for and get all riled up about, but take care to speak with authority, be careful of your words, keep your thoughts clear and orderly, and make sure your ideas are not such that they come across as fanatical and outlandish.

Yes, the fundamentalist preacher truly believes that his God is punishing sinners by sending super storms and wiping out entire communities, but rational, sane minds prevail and we can step  back and understand that the stories in the Bible were written as a parable, a moral, an allegory and are not literal and were not written thousands of years ago to be considered literal. Scholars know this to be true. They are stories to teach lessons.  So yes, even back then huge storms happened and entire communities were wiped out but NO God did not do it!!! Nature did it!

And the dinosaurs did not go extinct because they did not love each other enough either! Wow, see how ridiculous that sounds? Yeah .  .  .  .  right?!

Yes, we can affect the environment, with our carbon footprint, our emissions, our pollution, our waste, our mountains of garbage which get higher and higher every year, our toxic waste and crude oil we 'accidentally' spill into the oceans every time we turn around!!! The fact that we actually have special soap and a call to action to help marine life in place for oil spills as if it is an everyday occurrence, which is almost is, is ridiculous!  But not one word on social media about this! But we spend our time filling up miles of discussion threads talking about nonsense, when we know better.

If you want to help the world, the environment, the planet. Send out all the love you would like, but at the same time bend over and pick up some trash the next time you walk through a parking lot! EVEN though you didn't put it there!! That will actually make a difference.

Okay, allow me to jump down off of this huge soap box and go stir my cauldron, I think it is bubbling over .  .  .

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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